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shots through the windscreen.

Working in the city and living on the northern beaches means alot of time spent in the car. I often see shit out the window and think, i wish i had a camera. So lately i’ve had my pocket canon camera on hand to quickly whip out should i feel the urge. This is what i’ve seen so far. Pics: 6am, fog sun-reflection and afternoon sun heading up to the cross.

ummm …i’mmm ..not to sure what to do with my hands.

Shot this for some friends of mine the other day. Thought we’d get a portrait while we were there.


Helped the dawgs out at Movement Mag a week or so back, Murray and Moore choose a different shot from the day so im putting these ones up. Hope that’s cool Pete?

6:30am and after.

Gave ‘the animal’ a call at 6:30am over the weekend, to luck into a bugs run. Roco on his maiden cherry popping voyage, fanta pants, hanny, steados. [pictures] 6:50am in the no wash part of pittwater. Bugs before the tide changed for the better. Making sure the sand-anchors holding at Patonga for beer and fish. If you look close that bush turkey has a chip in its mouth (no its not’s its yellow beak).

see you at the crossroads.

Chris Oakes & Blake Lennox

After only 18 months playing out on the town, Chris Oakes & Blake Lennox have proven that passion & dedication can get you places. Now a constant feature within some of Sydney’s best club nights.


As a gifted architect d-ray earns his keep on the waterfront in Bayview, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. As an artist he’s a genius. He recently gave me this, d-ray was saying it started out as someone else but ended up looking like my girlfriend.

Matt Withaar.

When one wave down the coast turns a weekend away into 3-6 months in bed. Witz, rocking his gladiator vest, still in high spirits despite being an inch shorter. stoked your doing okay dawg!