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[recent] Cave Foods with help from WHTVR

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Industrial Ocean

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Last Year Bombs, Rider: Unknown.

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Nobody – Spliff!

Yesterday …Goodbye Summer


Dam Love


Stop Motion Test from last year

This was a dry run for the stop motion done for Its got no music and was pulled together in about 15 minutes as a test to see what would work for the real deal.

Kangeroo Valley

Jan_Scapes__0007_Website Jan_Scapes__0015_Website

John John

Easily the steeziest surfer. 5:45mins in.



Sunrise over the Sea


New Elo Silo Project

Ready by weeks end


New bun almost cooked


Birthday dinner with the wifey


James Mollison: Libyan battle Trucks


For more of this epic series:

stiff offshores

DawnSpray-9293 DawnSpray-9463 DawnSpray-9504

Considering the icy dip this morning.


Desert Pits.

Solid Edit by:

Santa Monica [2013]




Elo Silo: Stop Motion

A recent project collaboration with 

Identity At Play

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 7.36.19 pm

Jorge Santiago:

“Like many of my fellow villagers, I grew up idolizing the star players from my village and others. I saved up money for basketball shoes and spent most of my spare time on the basketball court which, as one of the few flat spaces in hilly and terraced Serrano villages, was not only a site of play but a public gathering space.

In this project, I explored the ways in which basketball reinforces indigenous identity, and is shaped by the unique geography, history, culture and sense of community in the Sierra Norte. Basketball tournaments are the central fixture of the annual village fiesta, the single most important event in a Serrano village. During the fiesta, the basketball court is the fulcrum of activity: bulls are slaughtered there, bands give massive group concerts, dances are held, the names of the people sponsoring the fiesta – mainly Mexican emigrants living in the United States – are read aloud, and of course, tournaments are played out. The basketball court is where indigenous identity and community become uniquely manifest. After having lived abroad in the U.S. for several years, I was particularly keen on revisiting basketball from the dual perspective of a local and a returned immigrant.”

More dope pics here:

And Here:

Carl De Keyzer

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Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 12.23.47 pm



Rare East Coast Bombs

Sydney Royal Easter Show




Berry Show

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Buddies#2. Ari and Reef.


Buddies. Reef and Rocky.


Massive Irleand #2. Video.