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Nobody – Spliff!


Definitely a well spent hour and fifteen.

Hazeus View

Joey Bada$$

Rockie Fresh

Common’s Speak my piece

sooooo good.

Yasiin Gaye: The Departure (Side One)


Amerigo Gazaway: Yasiin Gaye

For the First Single…

Jungle – Platoon

Jai Paul

Men on Roller Skates

Festival Feet.


James Blake Ft. Chance the Rapper

Gummy Soul

These guys do some of my favourite Mixes. Heres a new one.

gummy soul

The Underachievers

Their new mixtape:

Dizzy Wright

So good.


Bishop Nehru

Jimi Frew

TEST_ 0211_FLATblog

Dub Kweli

UNKLE and The Black Angels …Yeah its from 2010.


Kid Cudi and RZA

J.Period: Rage is Back

Click through to soundcloud  J.Period

Get the mix here:

Unkle – Where Did The Night Fall

Only just discovered this album. Insane! Here’s one from it…

Ariel Pink

Thom Yorke and Tupac. It works.

A.D.O.R. – Life Flow

We all need a bit..

Pete Moore



Dilla circa ’06’