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Jimi Frew

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Rod Owen



Jeff Bark


Tim Ashton

She Got Game – Inspired by 90s style with an street-wear edge, photographer Tim Ashton and stylist Monique Moynihan team up for a story of colorful fashion. See the rest at:


Benny Horne

Bumped into an old friend the other day while he was in oz shooting. Check out his stuff here:

Dan Raymond

Shot at this years Ali Classic, Mona Vale


Cook Islands






Good Spelling

20120822-140535.jpgCook Island Terror Squad


Got a spare 50Gees?

<p><a href=”″>The Making of the Leica M9-P »Edition Hermès« – Série Limitée Jean-Louis Dumas</a> from <a href=””>Leica Camera</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a>.</p>41869140


Bad Girls BTS

Tom Watson

Tom Watson, New Yorker.I cant get the link to show the video so you will have to hit his website to watch, theres some dope stuff in there..

A taste:

Christophe Kutner

As far as mentors go, Christophe had a pretty good one. Horst Paul Albert Bohrmann. Synonymous with the creation of images of elegance, style and rarefied glamour for 60 years. In 1993, Christophe began his own photography career. Raw story telling.

Beau Grealy

Derek Henderson

Derek Henderson directs a film for The Stolen Girlfriends Club’s latest line of jewelry called Heavy Metal. Starring Dempsey Stewart and Jasper Seven styled by Zara Mirkin

Dope Threads

Couldn’t be bothered thinking so i copy and pasted the following (being lazy doesn’t mean i dont like or want to buy their shit): Vanishing Elephant is a Sydney based brand designed by Felix Chan, Huw Bennett and Arran Russell. In 2008 the trio decided to join forces with the singular vision of creating a line committed to producing clothing of real quality, purpose and originality.

70’s Rock Chic – Test

Shot a couple of weeks back, these are some of the outtakes. Styled by Leda Ross, Annely – Chic Management, Hair and Make-Up by Megan Harrison.


its like a creative goldmine man

Kyla Crozier

Friend and up and coming designer from Sydney, Kyla Crozier asked me to shoot her latest range’s lookbook a couple of weeks back. Here are a few out-takes. Model Tara, Styling by Leda Ross, Hair and Make-up by Katie Goerlach.