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Cook Islands






Good Spelling

20120822-140535.jpgCook Island Terror Squad



A couple from this morning


they look pretty good

last minute or so.. think i might get one

.gopro hero2

new stuff

Its almost that time again!

A few weeks till another Ali Classic. Easily my favourite day of the year. I think i say that every time a post something about the day.

Who needs a ski

The first aussie to paddle into Jaws, Jeff Rowley. Now ive never towed into waves before and to be honest you’ve got to be slightly eff’d in the head to take on waves you cant paddle into so i have a somewhat bias view. But ive always thought towing in was horse shit. It takes the fear out of making the take off. That being said, the session out chopes “code red” would not have happened without a ski and thats some of, if not the gnarliest surfing ive seen since forever.This is from the start of Janary but you can see some new footage on coastalwatch, just search Jeff Rowley.

The end of summer.

Shot this on a tiltshift back in May. Its taken me this long to figure out (or be bothered to) this time lapse ho-hah.

Found you!

You would be lying if you said theres a better wave than this with no-one out! It took me three nights perusing the intraweb machine to find where this spot is. Now i just need some adventure buddies to brave the 11 degree water, a huge seal colonie and heaps of sharks. No Biggie.

Bruce Channon

Being your own boss(to a certain extent) has its advantages… Like having a mid week morning swim and spotting surfing legend and local hero, Bruce Channon enjoying a few empty basin ones.


Surviving a fall (or jumping off) on a wave of the last ones stature is about as gnarley as surfing gets

Snakes & Ladders TV

This from the start of July by good friends of mine at Insane. The dirty sons of bidges are following the IBA world tour round shooting and directing the live feeds (amongst a zillion other things). But this ones about SemiPermanent2011.

Dark Side of The Lens

From Ol’Blighty, Mickey Smith has been making the dopest ocean movies for as long as i care to remember. After following Brenden Newton (and a few other big names in boogering) around the globe in search of the most fucked up pits imaginable came “Against the Grain” now after many years perfecting his craft Mickey gives us this little insight too his enviable life.