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new stuff

some new work..


Paul is and 82 year farmer. He still works 5 days a week at his Ingelside glass house growing his own breeds of tomatos. The smaller cherry tomato type are a blend of three different breeds and are called chandelier tomatos and the big suckers are a capsicum/tomato blend  called Aussie Royales. Paul was kind enough to give me a vine of the chandeliers and a couple of the aussie royales, sliced them up and had bruccetta last night. Insane.


Just got a new 50mm lens

My beautiful girlfriend bought me a 50mm for my birthday, i forced my brother into being the guinea pig.

Shameless self promotion

Local artists tearing up the Parklife stages this year Matt Nukewood, Ember, GloveCats and Oakes and Lennox. Shot at The Front studio this year at various times. If you haven’t seen the line up yet you should get on it. Here’s where to go… or hit the One Hit Wonder site here:


its like a creative goldmine man

The series continues.

The series continues. This is Mikey Agostino, I cant change the thumbnail so you have to deal with his crutch till you click through.


These ones are from a new set of press shots frew and i recently did.

On The Job series.

From the new series i did the lighting test for below. This is my flat mate Damian, he owns and runs a dope tour company on Sydneys Northern Beaches.

lighting test.

Looking at doing a new series of portraits and wanted to test out the idea before i went out and shot it for real. My beautiful girlfriend was kind enough to play model.
















A friend of mine asked me to shoot a bit of his wedding and together we came up with this idea. Picture of a picture (frame). Seems to be working quite well, this is from Eveready’s 110th birthday. Check the reflection on the guy in the middle’s glasses, creepy cool.


Helped the dawgs out at Movement Mag a week or so back, Murray and Moore choose a different shot from the day so im putting these ones up. Hope that’s cool Pete?

Chris Oakes & Blake Lennox

After only 18 months playing out on the town, Chris Oakes & Blake Lennox have proven that passion & dedication can get you places. Now a constant feature within some of Sydney’s best club nights.

Matt Withaar.

When one wave down the coast turns a weekend away into 3-6 months in bed. Witz, rocking his gladiator vest, still in high spirits despite being an inch shorter. stoked your doing okay dawg!